Can we learn Zeimbekiko?

ΌAs all dances, either national or Greek, Zeimbekiko dance has music. This music has rhythm (9/8).On this rhythm we improvise (move our legs or body). Expect for the improvision however, there are some basic steps and specific posture which we must keep when we dance. “Zeimbekikos” dance, is the dance of pain, the personal expression. All the above elements are taught. Rhythm, posture, basic steps so when somebody acquires the above he is ready to add his own expressions, his soul and his momentum so the result is worthy of this special dance.
Zeimbekiko for the first time

Lesson 2

Why should I learn Zeimbekiko?

Because, it wi certainly change your life as you will be more self – confident and when you listen to a song that for your own reasons it touches your soul and your heart, you will be able to dance it correctly which didn’t use to happen in the past as you didn’t feel comfortable. Some people think that Zeimbekiko is too hard to learn. Zeimbekiko is everywhere in traditional Greek restaurants, weddings, events and dance floors. It touches our hearts and constitutes a cultural heritage.


Is Zeimbekiko a dance only for men?

In the past, it was a dance just for men. But if we go back in the past, we’ll see that in ancient times women were the first who danced it. In modern society, of course women dance it respecting the history.


How can I choose the appropriate dance school or the teacher to learn Zeimbekiko?

The answer is very simple. Nowadays technology gives us the opportunity to compare and choose the teacher or the dance school that suits to our character and what we demand.
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