Dimitris Petropoulos was born in Messinia, Kalamata. Since a young age he liked dance and music. From the age of 7 he enrolled in local clubs where was taught different types of dances.
At the age of 18 he left his hometown to make his dream come true… To be a professional dancer.
In 1991 he obtained his first MASTER at Latin – American dances. Since then he was taught all kinds of dances in a professional level!!!

His major love ( Zeimbekiko) impelled him to create the biggest Academy of Zeimbekiko globally with students from all over the and over 100.000 followers.
At the moment he is both a trainer and a teacher in dance schools and clubs in Turkey, Cyprus and Israel.
He runs workshops in every part of Greece and prepares athletes for all the panhellenic championships of dance!!!

He founded the dance school “THE DANCE IDOLS CLUB” and he specialises in national dances such as Latin, European etc and with o majority of partners he makes your dreams come true.
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